“ I can’t say enough about how special the craft beer/cider community is here in Portland, OR.”

The Oregon beer scene as we know it will be irrevocably changed.  Many of members of our community have lost their jobs or are otherwise financially impacted.  We see the toll this has taken on bars and restaurants, but beer & cider reps remain fairly invisible to the general public.  Many craft beer lovers don’t have any idea how hard a few individuals worked to get the beer from the tanks into the hands of the Oregonians.  Beer reps built this community and made the Oregon beer scene what it is, and now many of them need help.

Many craft breweries rely mainly on draught sales or pub business to keep the lights on
Many craft breweries need to keep their brewers on to maintain the integrity of their beer and can no longer afford to pay their sales staff
Many members of associated industries (graphic artists, line cleaners, etc) are losing work due to closures or lack of funds


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All funds will go towards easing financial distress in this community.  


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